About Us


We are a young with passion, reputable Hong Kong distributor. Nowadays we have 100 related retailers in Hong Kong and Taiwan even China. We can distribute your products to those biggest electronics and gadget chain store in Hong Kong. We can be a great stepping stone to let your bands going into the Great China Market.

And we are experience on distributing advance technology product. Our company’s aim is to lead different technology advance product from US or other countries into Hong Kong and the China market, so we focus on providing trendy, technological and special gadgets with our highly reputed costumer service for our customers in order to achieve our target.

Product promotion and marketing is the other keys of success in our company strategy. With our well developed promotion and marketing relationship from the massive media (ie. newspaper, magazine, website, etc.), our professional marketing team had built up an effective path for product promotion, that can keep enhancing your potential target customers ‘ desire to purchase those bands under our distribution channel.

Our specialization

Distribution Network
Experience on distributing advance technology product
Product promotion and marketing